Waking up

Good morning world..

I'm sure you know the time, when after a really exhausting day you finally made it to your beloved bed, with hope of the most relaxing and enjoyable sleep, you ever had. What a surprise, when in the morning, after those 7 or 8 hours, you wake up, sit up and have no relaxed feelings whatsoever. Sometimes you don't even bother sitting up, huh? Hardly open your eyes and wondering, what the hell happened, that you feel like crap. No? Well, I do. I cannot stress out enough the importance of a good night sleep, but I'm pretty sure, even if you didn't know the previous feeling, you will know this fact for sure.

Sometimes I wish I was a little boy again. Just no real obligation to get up from that warm, comfortable, soft heaven called bed. But I'm not, I have to, so lets get on with it, shell we? So now, that you finally got up, what's your first trip? Toilet? Bathroom? Kitchen? Mine is usually the study/dressing room. Partially because I need to pick something to wear and pack laptops and stuff to work, but partially because it has a terrace. There's nothing like morning sun on your sleepy face. Just standing there for a while gives me some sort of energy to go on. To start that day with somehow more energy. Is it just me, or does it happen to you as well? Ok never mind, next task. Wash up, get dressed and ready and marsh out of the door. There's a whole world waiting for you. Yeah well, not really, it isn't. The world wouldn't probably notice, when you were to stay in bed all day, but your bank account probably would, so chop chop, here comes the cold light of the day.

Now that you are all woken and freshened up, you still can't see how much falsity is around you. Maybe you really like all those people whom you wish good morning during your trip thru the hallways, maybe you really are that special and everyone likes you, maybe there really is a place where all the bad influences from the outer world aren't applied. Maybe you even love what you do the most, maybe you are truly enjoying the morning and afternoon traffic, because you have the chance to listen to your favourite songs and radio programs. And maybe not.

Question is - Why not?

Every coin has two sides. Faces if you will. The same applies to everything we go through every day. We can pretty easily look at it like everybody owes us something and be really pissed, that we have to see the same ugly ass faces every day of the week, our stupid boss will want something again, there is a million other places we would like to be, but we can't, because we have to be in this stupid place. Or we can just look at it like there is nothing wrong really, we have a job, where we have some friends maybe, boss wants something every now and then, but isn't at our ass all the time, no one did really do anything wrong to us and even if they did, it probably got us somewhere further in our life. Its totally up to you really. Either way, you need to survive the day and eventually get back home, where you will eventually fall in the same bed, you dug yourself out in the morning. Now, for me, that is the time to recap. That is the true wakening time, because you finally have some time to think about yourself, your life, your choices and the direction they are heading.Its interesting, that we can't really understand all that around us, until it is the exact precise time for us to understand. To wake our mind up and see the beauty of simplicity to our problem. Each one per time. You don't really see, that your neighbour is stealing newspapers from you every morning, until you get up earlier and meet him by accident doing it. You don't really understand why your wife isn't attracted to you anymore, until you meet some hot girl in the bar, where you're trying to drawn your sorrow, and she gives it to you in crystal clear. And you don't really understand why is your life the way, you don't really like it, but find yourself unable to change it, until you give it that time and effort and brake your life down to tiny little separate pieces, which are obvious and easy to understand. Our brain, despite its complexness and cleverness, isn't really capable of dealing with that vast amounts of information coming in every day. Then we are confused, sad, pissed, we shut ourself down to outer world, we often hurt our closest, just because they talked or touched us in the wrong moment. Obviously those moments will happen in the future, but we can eliminate them. We can try to understand. You probably guessed that this isn't only about personal life, its about all life, humans, animals, plants. Until we broke down the heart, we didn't have any clue, how it works or why is it so important. Now we do and are capable of replacing it. Just because of somebody woke up one day and said to himself - "Hey, I really wanna know, how the heart works." The same principle applies to everything.

Try to understand then.

Try to wake up.