Reflections on the lake


You know, sometimes i think about the day, when everything freezes, everything is so quiet and peaceful, that even the butterfly wings can cause the noise of thunderstorms. I wonder if in those times the nature is sleeping, resting, or if it is just another natural state of the process. Sitting in the middle of that vast mass of precious liquid which gives life, as well as it takes it away, knowing that one wrong move could cost life is crawling up the spine. Water is not yet frozen, but the air is cold, very cold. Each breath is harder and harder. Mouth is heavier and heavier, legs feel like made of steal, eyes burn under the freezing cold around and yet, there’s life around.

A fish look!

Hopping up the surface to see what has changed in the world above. Lucky little fish. No worries about where does she gonna sleep or what is gonna drive to work. Complete freedom. Another hop and splash. Like a rocket she cuts thru the water on the way up and splashes back down, like a little child in the bath tub. Eye turns away. There is something other going on.. After a while of hard paddling I arrive to the edge of the lake. Waves behind my little boat destroyed the perfect mirror reflection created by mother nature. No more I can see the sky even when I’m looking down. No more condors and eagles silently hovering over the water glass floor, between the two deep dark woods which were divided 6 miles south from here. Finally I see the dark spot clearly. Giant black bear is performing his morning ritual just under the strong pine by the side of the lake. Lucky me, sitting 50 meters from the bank. It’s starting to snow.. Thick mist is floating above my head, somewhere it broke up a little bit. Once again I look up. Sun is hiding behind dark blue clouds and it seems it has no intention of coming out. It’s darkening.

Amazing how time flies when one is absorbing the beauties of the hidden and lost worlds.. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years and I’ve never seen a beauty of this place. It was always just a lake. Just some water I need to cross in order to get to the city. Now its more than that. The cradle of life. So many life forms crossed me on the way down here. Every single one of them, fighting for survival every day. Life cycle.

No one escapes it.