Lets be positive

So a while back I've moved to another location. Again. And while the horos of moving (on which I have not yet finished the article - but don't worry, its coming) are one of the worst nightmares that you can experience in your adult life, its been rather positive. So I thought I would just go ahead and put some of my brain mud on the paper. Well.. The interwebzz..

But Andrew, why should I be positive, when theres so much shit going constantly wrong in my life?!, you might say. Well, thats the beauty of it.

Its a thousand times repeated cliche, but if you think positively, positive things will come to you. Sooner or later. Usually later. But they will come, don’t you worry your pretty little head with it. I could just start spitting out sentences like “The greatness of a man is not measured by the number of punches he can take, but the number of times that he gets back up”, or “When life throws you out the door, climb back through the window”, or the all time favourite “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”, but I wont.

Truth of the matter is, that even a fall on your face is a forward movement.

And to breath, you gotta get your face out the mud. Thats just how it is. And you eventually will, but what counts is the speed you do it with. When you stay down long enough, you start bitching about stuff and generally be dissatisfied with everything around you, including yourself. And I am not saying you are perfect. Ooooh no. You probably have more flaws, than a 60’s KungFu action movie, but none of that shit matters. You gotta get your ass back up. We’re talking life or death here people! Focus!

You can work on your flaws while standing up. Shit, you can work on them while sitting down, or lying in bed for all I care. All that matters is, that your face is the right way up. Cause… Ya know… You can be the best fucking person on the planet Earth, but when worms consider your nose a cosy home, you’re doing it wrong.

So! Back to the topic! Stay positive. Or if you are grumpy and negative and you call yourself a realist, be a fucking realist somewhere else. Peace means having the bigger stick than the other guy, so here’s an advice for ya: Always expect the worst in people and be surprised by the opposite, but always smile and give out your best. And believe that what you are doing is good for not only you, but some other people as well. Cause ain’t anything better, than a person thats happy just because you did something.

Sad? Theres alcohol for that. Somebody died on you? Thats why they invented whiskey. You didn’t get the job you wanted? Big whoop! You weren’t supposed to get it anyway. Did you ever stop to think about that? That maybe, just maybe, you are heading the other direction that you are supposed to? Oh, who said what direction? You did! Even though you don’t remember it, you did. And one way or another you will get there, the question is how long will it take you and how much pain will you be in once you arrived at your destination.

Let it flow, plan only the construction, be kind to people that deserve it, ignore people that don’t, smile and believe in the power of the universe. It will take care of you and your needs.
After what I saw, I sure as hell do.